Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How To Quilt A Stitch No 8: Geese on the Move

I frankly don't yet know where I'd use this but really like the planning and the resulting feeling of things really happening.  Here's where we are headed.
You can see I planned this whole thing out using heat erasable Frixion pens. I suppose if you did this alot you wouldn't need to premark... but it gave me confidence I would keep the scale I wanted and also have a constant middle of the channel where geese points hit! 

As I am starting the 3rd row of geese here, you will note I prestitched the vertical curves first to assure all edges started and stopped within the design area.   After that  to stitch each triangle 'goose', you will work off one side line curve.. stitch across to the opposite line curve, stitch down to the triangle point at the bottom, then back up to the starting point.  ( in this just stitched 'goose'... I went west to east cross the top of one triangle 'goose', south west to center, north west to point of origin) 
Happy Quilting All! 

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