Sunday, April 13, 2014

Georgia's Challenge: 915 Maple Avenue

Is this not fun and interesting?  Kudos to Georgia Heller for this mostly ink'd quilt that came about as a result of a very interesting Challenge... 

It was made in response to a challenge to make a quilt inspired by one of the houses in the Maple/Ash historic district of Tempe, Arizona.  The darker shadows in this piece make it come alive.  Beautiful job Georgia.  This looks like a sweet place to live and the viewer is certain that adorable little girl in the window is headed for the door to take a bike ride.  :-)  Love this story quilt!!!  
 Notes from Georgia.... I would be happy to have  you share the photo of 915 Maple Avenue. Most of the quilt is inked, but it also includes three copyright-free images printed on fabric -  the little girl, the cactus, and the chair. These were appliqued.  Nice quilting too.  Click on photo for enlarged view. 

For those following my series of How to Quilt A Stitch... the series returns with the next post. 

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