Monday, April 5, 2010

Hawaiian Applique the EASY no applique way

The previously shown Plumeria may well deserve some additional quilting, but for now, I need to get the long awaited Hawaiian applique without any real applique sample done for a cruise project sample. I've wanted to do this project for a long time anyway. I 'knew' it had to be possible AND I wanted a cruise class project that didn't cost much. ( Vacationers need their money to go on excursions/ and shop.) So, I created this project that will require a piece of fabric pillow top size, 1 bottle of ink and 1 marker. YEAH! First to create a pattern..... Well over 10 years ago, I made my very first quilt. It was a needle turn Hawaiian applique pillow that was hand quilted.. It took weeks and I did a terrible job... BUT I love the clean crisp look of Hawaiian applique and I bought a quilt for my bed. ( uh um... I am missing an arm and leg for that purchase? Just kidding... kind of! )
For this effort, I want to start with a hibiscus flower like my pillow and then change it up at the top and in the middle a bit to be a 'little' more contemporary. So.. I started by drawing 1 half of a flower and leaf.
I should have shown you the original pillow and I drew 1/2 of a flower( with a few changes) that is on this pillow.. notice I didn't provide you any closeups as my work then.. well... it sucked!!!
You may have noticed the 1/2 flower/leaf drawing was on a triangular shaped paper... (actually a piece of non waxed sandwich paper). Since Hawaiian applique is much like creating paper snowflakes where one shape is like another in reverse, I then folded my tissue backwards so I could trace the drawing I'd made on the other side.
Now you have one quartile of a pattern. Make 4 copies of this drawing and tape them together. You have a full size pattern. Yeah!
Next to paint my applique. I see there's a hint of ink on the paper.... Now you know what color I am painting this piece. News later. I have to go to court now and fight a ticket I trulyyyyyy don't deserve. Cities/States are eagle eyed for any possible 'maybe' infraction as they need money and have raised fines unbelievably high. I got a $446 citation for a much delayed entering an intersection against a red light ( no traffic in sight in any direction by the way) with the red light stuck on red both directions. Be careful. I'll spill my plight later. UPDATE: Officer didn't show up. Case dismissed! ....and I was soooooo ready! Note: at least half the officers for cases on the afternoon docket didn't show up. There's a lesson there... always show up if you are the traffic citation defendant. If you don't show up even if the officer doesn't either.... you forfeit the cost of the ticket. Interesting stuff!

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