Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Day accomplishment

This may not seem like much but if you've ever tried to set up shop on the road, you know it's always an adjustment. I got backing pieced, starched, and ironed. Then I cut batting and smoothed it across the resort's bed to 'relax.' While it relaxed, I did a bit of grocery shopping, and minimal sightseeing as I'm committed to get moving. Finally, the big challenge is the pinning without the normal workspace.... but I think it's done okay.
This piece was painted last summer in Mexico.... My Kind Of Dragon.... the Australian Sea Dragon. I like it for 3 reasons I can think of. 1) It's not a scarey dragon. 2) It's more colorful than the sea dragon we see in southeast USA, and lastly... The male sea dragon helps with family care. YEAH!

It's like taking out a free insurance policy against accidentally quilting in excess backing by taking 5 minutes and rolling the backing around front and pinning it to the excess batting. You'll be glad you did!

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