Friday, April 30, 2010

Moving Day

Packing up to change condos and meet my hubby. Thought I'd post a couple more pics of outdoor sculpture here in this beautiful city. There are many horse sculptures across this city. Some are elongated charactures of horses. This one caught my attention and funny bone.
And then I am always fascinated by big cats... this one out of solid granite.


Lori said...

I love the horse!!
What a great trip your having!
I'm still trying to get your video but can't get through to Jukebox? are they on vacation that you know about?
Keep sending pictures there great!!

Patt Blair said...

HI lori... I just contacted the jukebox office 970-224-9975 . They answered and are there today. If you have any problem, contact me at and I'll get one to you. Bet you wanna visit Sedona now, huh? patt

Lori said...

I just placed my order, they have been at a quilt show! Lucky ladys.
I got your video and some inks so I just have to wait for s n a i l mail!

Lori said...

I must have not hit the post button last time
I did hear from Jukebox, and my Dvd is on the way along with some of the inks to try thanks!
I usually quilt than color in. I have never done it the other way, I hope I can ask question as I go...