Friday, April 2, 2010

Working up samples for Hawaii Cruise.

If you haven't noted on the NEWS link, I'm teaching on a cruise to Hawaii in September ( someone has to do it so it may as well be me :-) ) I'm working up samples for classes that 1) require very few inks ( I think students would like to spend their money on shore) and 2) to capture the feel of the islands. My favorite tropical flower is a plumeria.... so here's the plan..... Now to quilt it.I have some other classes on the same cruise and am working on project samples on those too. Will post when samples complete. The next one... Hawaiian applique without any applique. I bet those that know me know what I'm planning.


INFO from News link: Okay... how bad could life be?.... quilting and cruising to Hawaii at the same time. $1695 for 2 weeks. See (Deb Roberts) She shared this cruise is usually well attended and tons of fun. ALOHA!!!! Other teachers include Melinda Bula and Marie Straight.

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