Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hawaiian Quilting by machine

I hope the Hawaiian Quilting Police doesn't find me for 1) painting my applique and the 2) quilting it my machine rather than by hand. Some ancient Hawaiian princess is likely rolling over in her grave.
Quilting this piece by machine is pretty fun as I will stay with the traditional echo quilting pattern which is pretty straight forward and requires NO marking... not my way anyway. Click on image for closeup. I think it's lookin' okay.
Much like traditional applique,,, I did a matching color stitch at the very edge of the painted applique. It further crisps up the edge to my thinking. minimal same color quilting about a third inch inside the flowers and leaves to frame things up a bit more... kind of like my old pillow.

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Karen S said...

It's lookin' good -- is that a satin stitch around the edge of the "appliqué?"