Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flutterly spine

Every art quilt, even every element of an art quilt holds a challenge on how to quilt to best support the image and hold a viewers interest. We all give it our best shot at doing that. I saw a large challenge in how to quilt the fluttering spinal extensions coming off the top of my sea dragon's body. They wave in the water flow... but I couldn't clearly envision the water flow pattern I usually use in and around the extensions.
Thankfully artistic license allows us to do whatever seems to work best. So, to represent a transparent webbing that is part of this spinal extension, I decided to use smoke monofilament to complete a tiny overlapping circular pattern in and around the spinal extensions. Had I been at home with my thread stash, I would likely have used a clear Sulky sliver for this... but I think this will work alright and an occasional flicker of light off the monofilament will occur. This seems to be taking forever to complete partially because my machine is not enjoying this tiny motion using monofilament, BUT... I think it will be worth it.

The flowers here are exploding in beauty.
SPRING has definitely arrived in Sedona, Arizona.


Anonymous said...

I think your work is just incredible! I've been painting my own quilting but....somehow not really loving it..I am going to buy your video ...soon as I figure out which one I want!!

Patt Blair said...

HI Lori.. thank you!!!!
It does take time figuring out which medium works for us... I like inks and hope that works for you too. Painted Quilt Art - Step By Step video would be my suggestion for the most comprehensive on painting with ink. It's available at www.jukeboxquilts.com. I do a retreat each year aligned with that video teaching...details at www.pattsretreats.blogspot.com. The 2010 is full, but the April 2011 retreat is just now opened. reservation.
THANK YOU again for the nice words.
Happy in Sedona, Patt