Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Class for the Hawaii Cruise

I am excited about this ... I've just added this class to the Sept/Oct company cruise to Hawaii. This can be a powerful experience. It will appear on their website once other teachers info is available:

Thread: The Linear Paint (Quilting Line and Choosing Color)

Ever see a quilt where the quilting greatly enhanced the result? …or… See a quilt where the quilting did little or worse yet diminished the overall beauty of a quilt.?
This teaching workshop is designed to create confidence in 2 areas: 1) For both ‘topper’s (those that hire out their quilting) and quilters alike in deciding what kind of quilting patterns will positively support their quilt top. 2) How to use thread color as part of their design plan. To apply class learning, students have the option of bringing an unfinished quilt top or a large photo of their quilt top in order to design a quilting plan that could either A.) go with their quilt for collaboration with the hired quilter) or B.) become their own design plan for quilting. We’ll have a few laughs too!!!

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