Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sandwich making...

I have a bunch of projects to get done and sometimes one already in progress has to wait... I need to quilt this class sample for the Hawaii quilt cruise. First, while I seldom use temp sprays to make a quilt sandwich I will on small things like this. When I do, I prefer the Sulky KK2000 product in that pretty small canister... you know... the one people are afraid to buy because compared to the big cans most other retailers sell, this small one LOOKS like your getting much less for your money. I don't think thats it at all.. and I like this one.... here's why:
there's much less propellant in the can ( I didn't say less glue) so when you spray, it goes only where you are pointing it... NOT all over the table, your fingernails, etc.I can't tell you how many times I'd used other sprays and walked away with sticky nails that picked up threads, etc.
Because there is less propellant and it is without odor, you also don't get 'high' smelling it. Now to get to the quilting part.

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