Monday, April 19, 2010

Yeah... A Block Party at last

Finally all the quilting is complete. Next step... block this quilt to become flat!
That involves having a clean ( usually a bed sheet used) cushioned surface you can pin your dampened quilt to. For me, the cushioned surface is a custom big board ironing board that fits over a wood table. That's my surface for this quilt. But know that some carpet works, or even a piece of insulation foam board used in construction. The idea:
1) dampen your quilt and 'smoosh'(a technical quilting term :-) it out flat pinning it to the surface with strong pins like floral pins or T-pins.

That done, I allow the piece to air dry in place. If you live in a slightly damp climate, I've seen quilters use large fans to move the air in order to permit drying. In California, I'll leave this pinned and drying overnight.

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