Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Painted Applique

'Taped down that quartiled drawing, added a slightly thicker fabric over it ( this time a prewashed cotton sateen but could be like a kona cotton). Prewashing fabric will remove some of the sizing placed atop fabric before they put it on bolts. They want it to look great so we'll buy it. Removal of sizing allows ink to better penetrate the fabric surface.)

Since I will be solidly painting areas with ink right out of the bottle, I think a thicker fabric will permit greater color saturation without promoting bleeding. Though I seldom transfer a drawing from underneath to the surface of the fabric... for this very precise image, tracing with an ink marker seems smart. That done, its a matter of carefully inking the image.

A few things to remember with this kind of work.
1) Avoid distractions ( eg. no TV, overlapping visiting with gal pals) and Go slow
2)To avoid careless errors, take breaks often
3)Place a clean piece of paper or fabric inderneath where you rest your hand to avoid any smearing of ink

This whole painting took less than 3 hours... with multiple breaks included. A needle turn applique of this image would take at least 10 times that if not more.. plus the points on these leaves... well... even though I've gotten much better at traditional applique. I don't know that I could pull these off. I love painting!!! :-) Taking a break.. then to quilt

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Karen S said...

That's my kind of appliqué!