Friday, January 14, 2011

'And WHY Have I Been Cleaning So?

You know it isn't because it is a fun thing... well... it does feel good when you are done. The bottom line... I needed to clear out a 2 car garage that is not used as such but instead has been a storage unit from my previous sell of a 4 bedroom home. This space is at my studio where I need clear area of about 16 foot by 8 foot for my new Vision Gammill which 'should arrive next Friday. Since I am unwilling to eliminate my in studio sewing set to up make room for this unit.. it will take up the garage until I'm willing to take up the entire living room of the studio condo.
I bought a 26-10 Vision from the Houston Show in November. Gammill honestly could have gotten this to me sooner... It was I that needed the purge/clean time. So I'm ready with a week to spare

Since I do a good deal of very tight/small quilting on my art pieces, I figured I needed these add-on cost micro stipple knobs.
This new machine also comes with a live camera feed to view bobbin tension. Sounds so cool.

This will require a new learning curve for certain. I'm very comfortable moving the quilt myself.. so moving the machine instead will be a real learning curve. I'm willing to do a few charity quilts while in the learning mode.

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