Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 Road To California Art Favs

One would think after having worked in the judging room, I might be DONE with looking at quilts when the judging was complete. NOPE! Not at all. I was out of the room for most art quilts ( temporarily in the photography room) because I had pieces in 2 art categories. So, I got to see them when the show was hung. Soooo many favorites... I can only show a few. First one I LOVED and unknown to me why, it did not ribbon. This quilt is spectacular and shows how utterly competitive the show has become. Ofcourse, a viewer doesn't get the see every detail the judges see up close/front and back. Click once or even twice on photos for closeup. My apologies... this first image is a bit blurry but others are better photographed.

Kudos to the artist/creator of Ruffled Feather!!!
Another favorite is that of friend David Taylor. Ya gotta love Maynard the Bulldog!!! "Maynard" won Best Art Pictorial

This piece is one somewhat unsettling at first view but continues to draw you in as you view. Can you believe how far quilts
travel to get to this show?

Just WOW!
And ofcourse I needed to show my friend Paulette Landers first big win... 1st place in Art Abstract. She was so thrilled!!!

This judges choice was breathtaking and included techniques I'd not seen before. Three dimensional snow atop limbs was varied sized frosty white beads carefully chosen and placed. WOW! You might guess this is a heavy piece. Another gentleman quilter I believe.
and lastly for this post, another 1st place innovative art quilt from friend Sharon Scholtzhauer ( I'm pretty sure I butchered this spelling) from Colorado Springs, Colo.

I'll have another post on more traditional quilts. I thought this years entries were even more spectacular than last years with again many ribbon worthy quilts not winning! WOW again! Tomorrow!!!

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