Friday, January 7, 2011

When Your Birthday Follows Holidays

This can be a problem. In fact the same is true if it preceeds the holidays. Last month, I took my niece to lunch for her mid December birthday and she teared up because people get sidetracked with their holiday shopping/planning and sometimes forget. Then for those birthdays that come after the holidays, the stores are often picked over and/or people are beat and plain old tired. Anyway... my own daughter is amongst these and her big day is next week. She lives in cold country so a flannel top and backed quilt is headed her way to stay warm. I loved putting this sweet and simple quilt together. The flannels were "woolies" meaning they looked like wool. The richness of the fabrics make this quilt. I'm running to finish another non quilting project so my dear friend quilter for hire Phyllis Reddish quilted this one for me. She is nothing short of incredible.
Shame on me.... I almost forgot to add a label, but with the help of Powerpoint, I cranked one out and got it on the quilt back in 20 minutes. Then off to the UPS store quick!!

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