Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Results are in!

The judging is done , the quilts photographed one by one, and results are in!

It is tricky when you volunteer in a judging room and also have competitive pieces in the show. One... you DON'T reveal while volunteering you have anything in competition, and two.... when your category comes up for judging.... you must leave the room. Seems right to me albeit a bit crazy-feeling. So yesterday, I leave the judging, go home to find email notice that both my entries ribboned. "Family Resemblance" : A pictorial piece that had never been in competition and turned 2 years old this month.... was to be seen now or never as 2 years is the age limit on this event. I did this piece to assure students afraid of tracing and drawing, that if all else failed, there were plenty of royalty free clip art images ( example this one) that could be researched and painted. I found these guys in a 'grown up coloring book of animals. I did quilt these fellows, but seem to have posted the original painted only version. Oh well! (c)

The important piece for me is this tug at my heart image from my 2009 trip to Ecuador. This little girl was playing in a box amidst filth in an open dirt market in Ecuador's capital. The painted/quilted version of my photo is titled "In Quito's Market" and won "Best Painted Surface Quilt" at the 2011 Road To California Show which officially opens tomorrow.(c)


Cher said...

Congratulations Patt!! I loved watching your blogs about "In Quito's Market" while in progress. Thanks for taking the time to do them.

Cher in BC

Laura T said...

Congratulations on your wins Patt! I loved watching your process on the "In Quito's Market" piece. I can tell you put alot of heart and soul into that piece and can see why it tugs at your heart. Thanks always for sharing your ideas and thoughts as you go through your projects.
Laura T

mtabar said...

Hi Patt, I wanted to see you again after Tuesday, and did not!Congrats on all your wins this year! I hope you and Kelly had fun.