Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where HAVE I been?

No. 1... I've been looking for my camera! DANG! No success as yet. I love my older Digital ELPH..... but somewhere between Friday evening and Saturday... It disappeared. Saturday, I taught an awesome class of 20 students in Yorba Linda, Ca. You now know why there are no pictures posted here but it was such a great group of people. I had a ball.

Whenever I feel out of control ( like when I lose something), I need to organize.... so this time.. it is all my quilting stencils of which there are many. BUT WAIT.. you are maybe saying, Patt is an art quilter, what's with the stencils? Well I COULD tell you it's because I've been quilting for hire all along.... but that would largely be a lie. It's because I think they are cool... and I will need them someday. None of you relate do you??? Out of this enormous pile, I've really used maybe 4 or 5. But I feel better today by sorting them and placing 'like' stencils on the same ring... eg a ring for BLOCKs, for Small borders/sashing, Large Borders, Corner Blocks, patterned Fills. This is fun to inventory... but sad to find I've purchased duplicates. Oh well!!

For another thought.....

You know how you sometimes make a friend an offer you don't think they'll take, and then they really do. My friend did and I think this might be fun. Ten years ago when I was a brand new quilter, I drew my new jewish/blue loving friends name for my first ever friendship group Christmas exchange. A little bird told me she had mentioned she would like a hannekuh (?sp) tree skirt in this pattern and in blues... and so I went shopping as i had NO stash back then. This thing is enormous and I finished the binding a mere 1 hour before the party and exchange. I knew so little then. Bottom line, I'm a much better "Quilter" now and the piece has been returned to me for additional quilting. Oh my... what to do.
It won't happen tomorrow or even next week.... I've much other cleaning out/ organizing to do to accommodate a large delivery next week

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Laura T said...

So frustrating isn't it when you lose things! I'm in the process of organizing as well since the New Year. So are you purchasing a long arm or mid arm machine?? I"ll be interested to see pictures:)
Laura T