Monday, January 3, 2011

I Worked Hard to Create This Mess

What is it? 'Tis the remains of removed embroidery from an appliqued quilt block. So WHY, one might ask?
Years ago, in the 'basket project' with my friendship group, I tackled a complicated project including exchange work input from friends. When one friend handed me her finished effort, she said " I don't embroidery well at all... you are welcome to take it out and replace it!" What does one say to that? I thanked her profusely for her block and kept the block in my UFO bin. WHY? ..because I had several additional blocks to create on my own, AND...I was struggling with what to do with the block that did have embroidery that distracted from the beautiful needle turn applique.

So fast forward to New Years 2011. I woke up to settle in for repeated watchings of the Rose Parade, and decided "THIS WAS THE DAY!' to do what was offered long ago. So a slow process of removing outlining embroidery that surrounded and was present atop all appliqued parts. Some parts were okay... others distracting. But... I replaced what was light blue embroidery thread atop dark blue with a rich darker blue thread in both the apron and bonnet. Much better! Then I plain removed some light blue "gathering"embroidery on the light floral skirt and yellow in the child's garment. It wasn't really needed... so nothing was replaced. A little left to do then the big job is in queque .. to finish the quilt top. That will wait a while as the list of must TO DOs is long

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