Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Know You Need A Vacation When...

I am in Baja's beautiful Cabo San Lucas for a much needed week of pure Patt downtime. Cabo is safe, unlike the mainland of Mexico and is just wonderful this time of year. Weather is beautiful.... the resort fairly quiet though full, mostly because kids are in school back home. It seems I've been on a dead run for months so this downtime was very welcome. Following the Road Quilt Show, I packed to come here fairly quickly without a lot of pre thought time on what to bring. I didn't need much I thought. A couple pair of sandals and a few clothes, and my handwork. I DID pack 2 pair of sandals... a funky pair for around the pool ( not shown here) and some newer nicer ones. I tried to pack for efficient use of space.
I was less thrilled with my efficiency when I separated the 2 sandals..
Oh well.... They sell shoes here!

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