Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clever People of Cabo

I finally ventured out of my resort today. Quilters are always looking for efficient ways to store the many quilts they make / accumulate. A local shop stored mexican 'blankets' in a reproduction of a small cart. Seems like this would produce less weight on the folds and thus fewer 'memory creases' in quilts. Whether this works for you or not, I did think it to be a clever idea.

As I was walking along the dock of the marina, headed for the center of town I began thinking about last summer here when my husband and male friends told me they 'purchased' a fresh fish for dinner... from a man on the docks named Marlin Brandon. Well, it all seemed too much to believe to me, but they did bring the fish for dinner. As I was thinking about this guy named Marlin, his boat came into view. Too funny. If only actor Marlon Brando were around to have seen this one.

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