Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jake Finished and Delivered!

Jake seems like a nice young man so it's been a delight to work on his portrait. Before I label it done, it's time for minor refinement.

More shadowing and fine tuning on his face. This is when small additions/ changes are made... sometimes the result of nuances observed through magnifying glass viewing. No... My eyesight isn't gone.... but even with good eyesight, there can be minute things we don't notice at a normal glance. The message here.... REALLY slow down and LOOK!!!!
Oddly enough... one of the real challenges was blocking in the radical/ complex T-shirt design. Matching the real thing probably wouldn't be all that important to Jake's father, but it definitely would to Jake ( he loves that shirt) so it's worth the effort to get it right. The message here is the same as when I used to write business letters (former life). Always KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE... and your audience is usually beyond the person receiving the piece (in this case DAD!).
That's it! It''s done... and was delivered yesterday afternoon. Dad called thrilled with the result. It's always a concern when working on a portrait of someone the owner knows so very well. Minor nuances matter.

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