Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm a Monkey Quilting Fool!!!

Sometimes we just get too many things on our plates. I showed my (to be gifted) sock monkey 'top' just finished a couple weeks back. Now it also needs quilting. I got it loaded on my longarm before I left for The Beaumont Texas Guild I just returned from.... now to get with it. I need to get this DONE so am not spending tons of time coming up with wholly creative quilting patterns. I plan to fill the open space within the 9 different sock monkey blocks with a whimsical leaf and meandered circle fill.
I must admit I love this little monkey dude.

I will use hanging leaf /vine strands in sashing and in border. Since I'm not stenciling... I first doodle the leafy plans on paper to get the feel of the pattern. If I can easily do it on paper, I can do it on fabric. By the way... I lay this paper pattern on the quilt top for quick reference /reminders as I work. Sometimes I space out and need a reminder of the plan. The ONLY marking I did on this piece is a straight line ( an air disappearing purple marker) right down the middle of sashing and border. Helps keep things.. STRAIGHT!!!!!!

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