Sunday, March 4, 2012

Old Town Charm in Fort Benton, Montana

Alas....en route from Havre to Great Falls, Montana, we made a side trip to the small historic and fascinating town of Fort Benton, Montana. This town and the Grand Union Hotel (built in 1882) resides beside the slow moving Missouri River ( yep in Montana) .
Fort Benton is an area where Lewis and Clark laid over a winter. Indeed a place of history and this hotel is beautifully restored. A grand piano welcomes guests at the front lobby. There are 26 reasonably priced luxury rooms in upper floors, some of which overlook the grand Missouri River.

Old world dining and modern day brews are available from the bar directly adjacent to the dining room.

and finally, before leaving town for the airport.... a visit to the towns pharmacy/gift /fabric /art/ hardware store revealed a lovely assortment of flat fold fabric at (believe it) $5.00 a yard. Ofcourse a bit came home with me.

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Sheila said...

What a great adventure, especially finding a quilt shop. The stacks of fabric are beautiful.