Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Incredible Muchas by Joyce Saia

(Gosh I hope I spelled Joyce's name correctly)... An absolute treat was offered me after class on Friday. Cathy Lempa took me to the home of guild member Joyce Saia for a private trunk show of her some 23 interpretations of Alfonso Muchas circa 1900 work. WOW... just WOW!!! Over the years Joyce's art quilts have won many awards including Sulky's National Grand prize, a Bernina competition, and countless others I'm sure. Her street address alone suggested even before arrival that this might be a spectacular visit. Joyce's home is on Avenue of the Oaks in Beaumont, TX.
Joyce has been doing these for many years creating one or 2 per year. Photos alone cannot begin to show the incredible detail in Joyce's work She has sooooo creatively used fabrics and embellishments. Her work is sheer perfection.
and this is "Ruby"...
Joyce is most inventive..
Click on photos for closer view.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying such great stuff about my mom! and Yay, Mom, for being so great!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Patt Blair said...

You are welcome. It was easy because she is quite a talent.

Anonymous said...

And we are sooooo proud of Joyce. She is so sharing with her talents! A real asset to our guild. We have many talented quilters but she is a WOW!