Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quilting Petals

I thought I was going the minimalist route on this piece... ie minimum thread on the petals but changed my mind for a couple reasons.... First... this piece unlike my own versions of this magnolia blossom is a friend's personal piece....completely unlike my samples on which I purposely minimize quilting as mine are 'painting' samples. I can use a bit more thread work but I'll try not to quilt the heck out of it. Secondly... the owner of this piece intends to mat it, frame it... and a bit more quilting will show better behind glass. By the way... if you ever frame one of your quilts, IF you can afford it and want the stitching to be viewable, purchase museum glass in the framing process.
So here we go... first simple neutrals (tan,white)
I stalled doing this til the very end of quilting... but kept thinking all along I'd like to add a bit of pastel pink/coral for warmth. I auditioned the thread ... then quilted.
A little was all that was needed.

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