Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Outside My Window...in Tehachapi

I know it seems odd... I just got home from the cold and wind of Northern, Montana, so why would I again travel. Frankly, I needed some down time so am using some unused timeshare banked time for a visit to Stallion Springs Seasons Resort in Cummings Valley in Tehachapi, California. What a lovely place to visit and be. Our unit overlooks an open area landscape including a lake, golf course, and a virtual 2000 year old forest of California Live Oaks. At 4200 ft. elevation, snow and frost is not uncommon in winter. This view in early morning is both beautiful and a bit eerie.
This is a view from my bedroom window: I'm told the oldest of the Oaks within this forest is no more than 500 years of age though the forest continues to grow and regenerate. The Oak limbs/branches are incredibly interesting.

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