Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some Traditional Stuff in Tehachapi

When I travel to Sedona each May (I can hardly wait), I do so with lots of 'stuff' to paint and quilt... but when traveling with my hubby as with this trip, I travel lighter and take advantage of that time to catch up on UFOs from family and friend projects.
First project to get to a completed quilt top stage is a sock monkey quilt. This actually is pretty fun. These 2 look so happy.
I had several of the individual blocks done before arriving, so I needed to create 3 more, this being one of them
I liked the variety of block and monkey sizes.
Now all pieced together..yeah! Backing and quilting yet to come.
I took a small license with the original pattern but not much. It's a great pattern covered in a book titled "Sock Monkey Quilt" by Cindi Jo.

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