Friday, March 30, 2012

Must I change that needle???

I am admittedly hopping back and forth on projects depending on which house I am at. I'm prepping a quilting for hire piece at my mountain home. It's a small piece and can easily be done there... So I have a painted by a student piece to quilt with the eventual plan of it being framed for hanging. There is a bit of 'light value work here that I don't want thread to again take center stage so monofilament on top will be my choice to secure all the outer edges of petals of this flower.

BUT... I just finished quilting a piece (using a 70 sharp needle) on the machine to be used here.... so I planned to change the needle to a NEW 70 sharp so little to no evidence of needle holes are noticeable. I thought this would be an opportunity to show the difference of used vs. new... so note that the following pic is a bit larger than life.
It may seem like overkill if one were quilting with 40wt thread or heavier.... but for this effort on a delicate flower... it's definitely worth it.
A few notes about monofilament as top thread..
1. Use a 60 or 70 sharp needle ( 60 is even better/smaller)
2. Lower top tension ( when I have mono in the bobbin too.. my top tension is near ZERO on my Bernina)
as bobbin thread
3. Wind bobbin slower than normal to avoid stretching which can cause breakage when quilting.
4. Don't bother to fill the bobbin 100% full. It's harder to get a full monofilament bobbin in the bobbin case. Besides you have plenty of bobbin thread even when it's half to 2/3 full.
Good Luck.

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