Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Head Scarf Begins

Part of what was special about this woman was her wardrobe... The colorful and complicated head scarf was intriguing so I had to do this. I noted that head scarfs were quite common in Estonia, even amongst small children though their scarfs were more like small bandanas and this woman's scarf was something spectacular. Since I am in Cabo San Lucas (on the shore) with significant humidity, I'm waiting a while longer for the skin tone to really dry before I work atop the peachy/beige. This seemed a good time to start a detailed inking of the scarf florals/ graphics using both bottled and marker inks. This was a slow, almost doodling process which I found relaxing. After this dries, transparent shadow wrinkles will come.
I added the beginnings of eyes, just because I "had to" to further engage this image emotionally. It's kid of creepy working on shadowing a face without eyes... so I didn't!
Sorry, this womans chin looks enormous only because she is lying flat on a table and the camera shot is NOT straight on.
When the skin base is dry, I can begin adding some shadows and lip color.
I do my best to sneak up on the correct shadow values. It's magical when it gets 'right.' I remember a line from a 'vintage' Dustin Hoffman movie (Little Big Man) where an old indian chief had been unsuccessful in his quest to pass over into the next life ..."Sometimes the magic works... sometimes it doesn't!" he exclaimed. I feel the same way about portraits.

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Laura T said...

That's an amazing transformation on the face by adding the shadows to give definition! This will be fun to watch unfold.
Laura T