Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Textures on The ROAD surface

I love the versatility of these inks. Amongst other options, is the ability to use textured surfaces beneath fabric and do rubbings. I use anything I can find that creates the texture I want. While commercial rubbing plates will most often do the trick, sometimes 'found' surfaces do the trick. Here, I'm 'auditioning rubbing surfaces...
For this project, a sanding disc from the hardware store provided the texture I desired.
With the road previously ink'd in a cool gray and heat set with a dry cotton setting iron, I applied a dry brush rubbing in black. Always a bit of tweaking... but here's the end result yet to be quilted at home.
Please, check out the link on this exhibit..there are lots of preapproved for use photos included. We'd love to have you participate. Click here.

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