Sunday, July 24, 2011

Laying Bricks

Almost there! ... Between the stone wall and window pains will be bricks that are somewhat subdued.... thus a bit like the stone work previously done, I blocked in brickwork in a somewhat loose mixture of neutral colors. I lightly suggested the mortar between bricks so as not to draw attention away from the central figure.
This just about does it for painting. One last photo as she lies atop a resort table. I will have to wait til I return home to the U.S. to get to the quilting part. Given my normal statistics of 1 week of quilting for every 24 hour painting period... this looks like about 5 weeks of quilting work. EEK! We'll see.

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Laura T said...

I can hardly wait for the thread painting! Love the background that was added:) It's always so interesting to see where you go when you start a new project - thanks for taking the time to blog about your process!
Laura T