Friday, July 1, 2011

Lots of Cabo Projects

Hola all. We all have a bunch of UFOs as well as NEW stuff we want to start. We sometimes call this longevity insurance as we need decades to get to what we want done. When projects are not my favs... I try at least to learn something creating value for the effort. This one is a shared work block for a friend. Needle turn applique. I CAN do it but remember, I'm primarily a painter/quilter. This block a traditional flower basket where the originator provided the pattern, background and flower pot, with directions for participants to select flower and leaf fabrics. Given all were selected at the 11th hour when packing for this out of country trip, I think I did okay on flower fabric selections. I had very interesting varied green fabric for leaves and reread instructions here to require solid fabrics for green leaves. GOOD THING I had my inks with me. I had to make green fabrics using my plain white PFD as a base fabric. Seams it worked out fine.
A couple high fives for 2 new to me tools. While many of us have used glue sticks for holding applique pieces in place while needle turning, I must thank my friend Phyllis for turning me on to Sewlines new fabric glue pen. It's a small circumference glue stick in pen-like form. Easy to work with!
This glue goes on blue, dries clear, and is water soluble. IT's great! You'll note a strange looking toothpick in the above photo. Most appliquers have long known about the value of a toothpick in turning under the loose edge prior to applique...
The joy of the one in the picture is that it has a small bead on one end oddly enough making it much easier to hold and turn under fabric edges. This one came from a friends family in Turkey... but it wouldn't be a big deal to slide on a bead on a regular round toothpick.
I am so glad I brought my silk thread collection too. Much easier to hide stitches using skinny silk thread Yeah.. DONE! Now to move on.

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