Thursday, July 21, 2011

When Magic Escapes

Well I mentioned earlier things don't always go smoothly for me and this was a definite case in point. This woman had been out in the mid day sun and deep shadows had shaded her eyes. Here is the important learning of the day.. never do dangerous things when you are tired ( like.. late at night) This is the same lesson as with tired snow skiers. Our body tells us when we've taken our last ski run of the day. To do one more sets the stage for high risk of bodily injure. It's the same thing with painting. If we are tired, we should STOP painting. I DIDN'T STOP and I'm unhappy. Sometimes, we know better and just get carried away.

As I began to shade her eyes as in the photo, I noted she started to look really angry. DANG! I hate that. I hadn't yet fully shaded the side of her face either, but I knew I'd done a bad thing.

Some corrections can be made with ink, but not all so I have to remember that "THREAD IS MY FRIEND"...a lesson learned long ago from Hollis Chatelain. I'll do what I can here to somewhat soften her look. The rest will come in the quilting. Out with the grayed skin tones when I am done using thread. I HOPE!

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