Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Really Complicated Neck Scarf Too

I'm such a sucker for things that look difficult to paint. This woman's neck scarf was equally as interesting as her head scarf though it was a much different fabric... more like a limp linen ( who knows?, I wasn't that close). It draped softly across and down her shoulders and frankly seemed massive... more like a linen tablecloth than a scarf.
This felt like "puttering painting" though required much attention to photo detail. The right side of her scarf (what you see part of thus far) was full of subtle stripes and color. Shadows were added though it is likely that greater contrast of darker areas will be enhanced as I get closer to the end of the figure painting. I say this because I've come to learn that shadows that look significant when surrounded still by lots of white/unpainted fabric, will look weaker when the entire area is painted. So I accept I'll be back in several areas adding greater contrast here and there.

I then block in the scarf's end on her left side... very little color here, mostly massive draping. It made me a bit crazy even looking at her in real life... I wanted to see the piece of textile out flat... It remains ofcourse a mystery.

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