Monday, July 25, 2011

Millicent .. The last of 12 Victorian Ladies

As a work trade gesture for friend Laurie, I painted and embroidered the final block needed for her future quilt. The painting begins here. Ultimately, the hat brim will be black.
All 12 ladies used the same neutral facial colors(but I couldn't stand it... I changed her lip color to go with her bright red hat). I may be in a bit of trouble, but I just 'had to do it."
Here she is after many days of embroidered hand work...
You can click on any photos for a closer view.. but I'll post a couple more detail shots today. I like to use 2 similar colors/slightly different value threads in hair. It seems more interesting to me.
The real inspiration for this dramatic color scheme was this piece of commercial embroidery I added as adornment to the hat.
Thank goodness the sewing kit in my resort bathroom had some white thread to add the eye highlight. The original pattern doesn't call for one but I think it makes all those ladies look sad rather than beautiful which I believe the inspiration for this pattern surely was!!!

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