Friday, December 20, 2013

A Merry Christmas Lion

Well, I know the current name of this piece ("Red Lion") sounds strange.  I have had this oil painting shown below done for months ( It had to dry) but has been hidden.  This guy is definitely having a bad hair day, but lions generally do. I liken this guy to a recent commercial for music speakers where the TV screen shows a side profile view of  modern day male sitting in a black leather arm chair  and being 'blown away' by the strong speaker volume coming at him.

 My lion is being blown away too... but he doesn't care!  After all, he's a male lion... king of the jungle so they say.

 Today I get to post the finished product as it is to be gifted this morning to my SECET PAL... in my Wanabes Friendship Quilt Group.  At each December meeting/gathering a handmade gift (often but not required to be a quilt) is presented to a member whose name was secretly drawn the Christmas previous.  I went off the quilting grid this year...  It is so danged hard to keep a secret for 12 months.. so I am elated this morning to be able to show the piece and present it to this months meeting hostess Laurie Lyon of Anaheim Hills, Ca. .  Laurie loves red... and her name is why not a red lion.  Its a 20 x 20  wrapped canvas oil.  I hope she likes it. (Click on photo for enlarged view)
 No one in the group thinks about receiving a gift 'til today. We are all so excited about presenting what we've worked on.  Unless I've been secretly blackballed from the group, I'll possibly have something to show that I have received from 1  of the 11 other members.     Happy Friday all.  Suspense is now building.

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Laura T said...

WOW! Love this piece!! I'm sure she will be delighted:-)