Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beautiful Work By Judy Pearce

In early October, I had the incredible good fortune to teach in a private retreat in Canada. One student  had significant background in pencil portraits, etc and was there to learn how inks would translate onto fabric. No question here... she got it down quickly.  Here is her source/in progress and finished painting done shortly after our class.

My apologies to Judy for delays in getting this posted... The photo format received wasn't compatible with this site. It took some creative tech thinking on how to get these photos on line... worth the effort for sure.

Her reference source..
In progress work atop a mottled neutral commercial fabric

Artists get to make changes from the original source photo.  I much prefer Judy's chosen scarf pattern
This image was ultimately included in a philanthropy fundraiser quilt. Wish I'd seen that and could have bid on it. Gorgeous work! 

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