Saturday, December 21, 2013


Friday's post revealed my red lion canvas painting destined for a new owner.  I liked this lion once all was said and done so I had a hi-res photo of him printed on fabrics... L - R   1 cotton, 1 silk... I'll quilt them later but 'am thrilled with the result on both fabrics. (Click on photos for enlarged view)
Both images are on fabric adhered to a paper backing so the difference in fabric not as readily evident here.  The color/values came out spot on attributed to the technical ability of the studio that printed for me.
I'll remove the paper back when I quilt and the silk finish will begin to show itself. the silk is beautiful!!!  I'll discuss in later posts about how to prepare your quilt 'sandwich' when working with silk.  For now, I wanted to share info on a studio and owners you would surely enjoy working with. The owners are caring pros. How refreshing, eh?
 Their prices are reasonable and please tell 'em Patt sent you.   Happy Holidays All!!!!!!!


Laura T said...

Great info and I'll be sure to keep it! I wish you were going to be in WA state teaching. I would sure love to take a class from you again:-) Especially the Santa one. Are you teaching that class anywhere??

Patt Blair said...


All my classes are shown on line. See the calendar link on the left side of the blog page. :-)
Happy Holidays , Patt