Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time to Hop

There are 4 outer corner areas each with 16 separate areas of light and warm gold segments.

 I'm choosing to quilt these golden areas with a small bubble fill.  The circular pattern will  provide counter  balance to the angular pattern in the outer border and the fire-like fill in the small blue area quilted in the previous post. BUT....  theres a lot of starting and stopping with over 60 areas of quilting.... so while my quilting plan to be used here might not be suitable for every multiple adjoining area fill, a stitch, hop, cut stitch and repeat approach should work fine here. I am using a 40 wt poly thread here.
 While I'm photographing here  from having already crossed into a next stitch area... note that I am outlining the golden areas with a straight stitch... .. I've already gone all  the way around the perimeter  of the area to be quilted and 'am a stitch or two away from the beginning point.
 To tightly secure the original staring point, I've continued to straight stitch atop the original stitch line til I am a few stitches beyond the starting point... then I can begin my circular bubble fill.
I continue to fill the area and do my best to finish my final stitch somewhere in the middle rather than the out edge of the filled area.  Start the repeat and continue to fill all areas 'locking' the final stitch inside each completed area.  
To trim...slide your small scissors ( I love the Fiskars upward curve tips for this)  under the "HOP OVER stitch"  and clip.    The second clip in the center area won't show a 'clipped' end fuzz as long as you previously locked your final stitch in place, your scissors are sharp, and you haven't used a highly fuzzy thread to begin with.
These took some time but look good in my thinking. I'll move to the border after a break. Nothing is required of the teal green area.  They stand on their own just fine. 
Next post, we'll finish this celestial piece. 

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