Sunday, December 8, 2013

A New Class: The Quilter's Filling Station

 I'm adding a new class to my list of workshops...  There's a line of people that have been asking for something like this.... so it is time. ;-)

Filling Station  Overview :Attend this class and you’ll leave with confidence and quilting motif samples to use in your work at home.  We’ll look at and free motion 3 ‘types of motifs: ones that stabilize, harmonize, and  even ‘MOVE’ your eyes on your quilt tops. You’ll create a sampler piece of stitched motifs of each type and that sampler can serve as your own quick reference library OR you can approach it as a standalone machine quilted art piece.  You’ll grow through FREEDOM to fill and learn in the doing!!.   A 6 hr class 
Go to to see all of Patts newer classes including this one... or click here to go direct now. 

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