Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Perfect Quilters Travel Gift

 For anyone that has purchased one of Madieras Thread cabinets with some 197 thread spools plus   notions, you know how wonderful this selection of thread is. I have one of these cabinets  in white and while I love the thread, taking the cabinet with me on a travel retreat is a pain... BUT WAIT!!!! as they say on infomercials...
One can purchase the content of the thread chest without the chest... and the cost is about half. A complete thread chest with contents can easily hit the $400.00 mark.  Half of that is a pretty nice Christmas gift. ( I ordered mine through Bags and Bobbins shop in Claremont, California), but I'd be pretty sure anyone that carries Madiera products could likewise order for you.
 and.... 2 layers of thread drawer contents (complete with spool label trays and dividers) fit perfectly in a regular size Super Satchel by Art Bin.This is what I now take with me on retreats... It's got whatever I might need in a pinch and takes up little to no space.    The store did have to special order it... but it showed up within 2 weeks. Pretty sweet.

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