Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pens for Zentangle or Zen Doodleing on Fabric

 In response to a reader question re:  pens for  zendoodle or zentagle on fabric, I'll post the following in  hope it helps someone else as well.   The pic above is a set of almost too beautiful to wear Vans tennies. While the above is shown on canvas, I've 'zenned' successfully on cotton as well. It's all good! 

 I've done some Zentangle on fabric and used  both Micron archival ink pens ( also referred to as Pigma pens )  found at art stores and even Joann's  Fabric and Craft stores tho usually in sets there.  I may have seen at Michaels too... but I may be dreaming.   It's archival ink and is permanent.  I always put dry heat atop anything I put atop fabric.  Place a pressing sheet or piece of fabric atop your ink'd area before pressing with a dry iron set as the same fabric type you have written on.  These come in lots of different colors including black

I also some time back discovered Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric and I really like that  pen for drawing on fabric...  I purchased them at out of Columbus, Oh  800 757-3015  ( they come in red, blue, and black).   I'll try to do a post  on this.   Thanks for asking and  reading pattsart. 
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