Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Added Ink or Ink-like products

A recent question came to me about other products I might use for colors other than included in Tsukineko's 45 bottled ink line.  Know first that I LOVE Tsukinekos inks.  I do acknowledge I'd be an even happier gal with a warm yellow in the line.
Hope this is somewhat helpful :

As to OTHER PRODUCTS  you might like to try... I've included a photo showing the following left to right.. 

  • I have played with  Acrylic Inks by FW, and  Dr Martins Bombay Pigmented India Ink   
  • I haven't played with Speedball inks  but would give those a try.(not shown in photo) 
  • I've played a wee bit with Dupont Inks though I'm not clear there is a wide range of colors... I've seen these on silk where  color/value was fantastic.
  • I know some who really like INKtense by Derwent .. though they apply differently beginning as a watersoluble pencil
  • Airbrush inks like Creatix,,, I believe there are many transparent airbrush inks that might be  winners
  • Some like Jacquard DyeNaFlow
  • Golden Airbrush Colors
  • Golden Acrylic "Fluid" 
  • I often use  Pebeo (thinned w water)  Setacolor Transparent paint ... usually for "wash"  or "glaze" like efforts rather than detail. Have attached a photo as reference

In markers, I sometimes use a pigment ink pen (when I can find) ZIG


Stevii said...

thanks Pat…. now even more stuff to buy!

Patt Blair said...

You are so welcome Stevii .. ;-)
I'm here to serve!! Patt

Susan Lawson said...

After reading this I thought perhaps you could help answer a question I have regarding ink. I zendoodle and would like to take this into my quilting, what ink would you recommend for zendoodles on fabric? thanks Sue

Patt Blair said...

Yes Susan.. I think I have some insight..I've done some Zentangle on fabric and used both Micron archival ink pens ( also known as Pigma) found at art stores and even Joann's Fabric and Craft stores tho usually in sets there. I may have seen at Michaels too... but I may be dreaming. It's archival ink and is permanent. I always put dry heat atop anything I put atop fabric. Place a pressing sheet or piece of fabric atop your ink'd area before pressing with a dry iron set as the same fabric type you have written on. These come in lots of different colors including black.

I also some time back discovered Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric and I really like that pen for drawing on fabric... I purchased them at out of Columbus, Oh 800 757-3015 ( they come in red, blue, and black). I'll try to do a post on this. Thanks for asking & reading pattsart. Happy Holidays

Susan Lawson said...

Thanks Patt!