Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Christmas Theme Commission

Now that I've finished some traditional  quilting work for Christmas gifts to family members, I get back to quilting a commissioned art piece I painted a while back. This is a miniature piece about 16 x 18.  It is so ("sew") much fun as Father Christmas is delivering lots of things for quilters.  The top here is secured to batting /backing with strategically stitched monofilament. ( I dislike quilting around pins.)
With just one side of his coat quilted, I can appreciate what the simplest small filler does to show off elements on his coat.
 I've shown a version of this image before so I won't quilt the whole thing before your eyes but note I work hard to 'gracefully' end and begin lines at the edge of quilts and images. I seldom go straight to the edges, but instead curve into slightly.  ( I'm quilting upside down here if someone is puzzled.. sometimes it's easier.)

The central elements of this guy are done.  You can see a bit more of the quilting and finishing process on the click here link below.
The pieced but yet unquilted border on this piece is drawn inward a bit  so that the quarter inch insert ( next photo) around the edge of this image was distorted a bit since there is only quilting (somewhat dense) in the center.   Now.. before I can quilt the outside boarder... it's time to block this quilt by dampening with a spray bottle and pinning it into place ( atop my big board)  and allowing it to air dry.  The technique... spray, smooth, and pin in place til dry. Then quilt the border and finish.

CLICK HERE  to see more details of  pieced bordering,  and quilting this image.


Laura T said...

Hi Patt,

I so enjoy this quilt. It just brings happiness to my soul. Is it possible to get a pattern of it?
Laura T

Patt Blair said...

There will someday be a proper pattern but sadly not yet and I have many projects deadlines to meet prior to doing a new drawing. For the previous class... I painted the face for all participants though my existing drawing isn't much help on that. I need to carefully redraw my drawing for easier use by other painters